In these times of great change and miscommunication, A Liminal Space seeks to create and foster a safe and engaging online platform, to initiate and encourage long-form discussions, deep conversation and thought.

Invited guests will be visionaries who cross borders and push boundaries with their work, their art, and their thought.

Adventurers, risk takers, explorers, shamans, storytellers, healers, dreamers, rebels, scientists, intellectuals, philosophers, and seekers of a deeper truth.

And ultimately, those who are working towards making the world a more empathetic, equal and loving place in which to live.

Welcome to A Liminal Space.


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An Aboriginal man’s personal journey towards reconciliation

Henry Purcell is an Aboriginal Australian, who was given up for adoption as a baby, and raised by non-Aboriginal parents, alongside two other adopted Aboriginal children.

This discussion goes deep on many issues, including identity, the importance of being connected to culture and community, the importance of role models, using your platform and position in society to fight for a more equitable world, Black Lives Matter, breaking the cycle of trans-generational trauma, and using music to bring people together and improve emotional health and wellbeing.


Meditation & mindfulness to improve wellbeing & happiness

Listed as one of the world’s Top 100 DJs in the 1990’s, Ray Good discovered meditation as a way to improve his own mental health, wellbeing and happiness after suffering burnout in his own life.

Today he is a meditation and mindfulness practitioner and coach, and founder of “The Good Place”, where he teaches simple and practical meditation and mindfulness techniques to others, in order to reduce stress, increase resilience, and improve productivity and performance.


Epidemic modelling & analysis : Covid-19 pandemic

Omer Tzuk is a scientist and philosopher, earning degrees in astronomy and astrophysics, and a PhD in physics. He is currently undertaking his Post-Doc studies and research at the Laboratory for Epidemic Modelling and Analysis at Tel-Aviv University in Israel, where he is using mathematical modelling and statistical analysis to predict the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

In this discussion, Omer provides an extraordinary insight from the scientific frontline in the fight against the global Covid-19 pandemic.


Activist filmmaking for social & political change

Iara Lee is an activist filmmaker, who uses her filmmaking as a tool for social and political change. She is the founder of Cultures of Resistance Films, whose mission is to create and distribute films that advance public awareness about issues of social and economic justice, and that showcase creative efforts to promote peace and protect human rights.

Iara speaks with an optimism and positivity that is contagious, and it’s impossible to not be touched, moved, inspired and motived by her words, and more importantly, her actions.